A Practical Research on the Internship Mode of Normal Students under the “Trinity” Collaborative Education Mechanism



On-the-job practice is one of the forms of educational internship programs for normal students. Thanks to the advantages of the on-the-job practice that enable normal students to participate in the education and teaching practice of the whole semester, it has played a certain positive role in promoting the improvement of teaching skills and teaching management capabilities of normal students. With a questionnaire survey on 720 normal students who are in on-the-job internships, and interviews with 35 local government officials who are responsible for on-the-job internships and school instructors at the internship bases, it is found in the research that the internship mode of normal students under the “trinity” collaborative education mechanism not only plays a positive role in promoting rural basic education in China, but also advances the improvement of the quality of talents in normal colleges and universities. Thus, it is an effective way and an important strategy for sustainable development of normal professional education practice.

Keyword : normal students; on-the-job practice; Trinity; education,

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Bai, X. & Pan, F. (2022). A Practical Research on the Internship Mode of Normal Students under the “Trinity” Collaborative Education Mechanism. Business, Management and Economics Engineering, 20(2), 388-416.

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Feb 24, 2022
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