FDI is a Global Phenomenon, whereas One Country Lends their support to other County with an expectation of Share in the Returns earned. FDI is Driving force which Leads to the Economic Development of the Nations. Policies governing foreign direct investment (FDI) have a significant impact on the global economic development of poor nations. As a result, attracting FDI inflows through conductive policies has emerged as a major conflict zone in emerging nations. The Study tries to Analyse Foreign Direct Investment and its impact on Indian Economic Growth with Special Reference to Service Sector. Year-wise Data is collected from Various Secondary Sources like,, magazines, newspapers etc., Various Statistical techniques like Correlation, Regression, Time Series Analysis are used in the study and the results show that there exists no positive correlation between the FDI, GDP, Exports, and Imports. The study concludes that GDP shares Positive relation with FDI in Service Sector, whereas Exports and Imports doesn’t share much relation with FDI in Service Sector.

Keyword : FDI, Exports, Imports, GDP, Economic Growth JEL Codes: F21, O47, O11, P44,

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Pentkar, A. & Mohan, D. (2024). A STUDY ON ROLE OF FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT ON INDIAN ECONOMIC GROWTH WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SERVICE SECTOR. Business, Management and Economics Engineering, 22(1), 57-65.

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Jan 22, 2024
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